Sharing our expertise and knowledge can help businesses and individuals protect themselves and reduce the risk and harm caused by serious financial crime

Detection and prevention

Working together to fight corruption

Corruption erodes trust in government, private sector organisations and the rule of law. New Zealand has a culture of integrity and our institutions remain largely free from systemic corruption. To support our anti-corruption culture in August 2018, Cabinet directed the Serious Fraud Office to lead an Anti-Corruption Work Programme (ACWP) with the Ministry of Justice. The goals of the programme are to deepen understanding of corruption in New Zealand and build strong cross-government and cross-sector partnerships to support anti-corruption efforts.

Working with local government

Central to the ACWP has been a joint project between Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ), the Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) and the SFO to develop guidance and training materials based on procurement cases recently prosecuted by the SFO. The goal is to raise awareness and build capability across local government.

We have identified the themes and lessons learnt, including the importance of leadership and organisational culture.

Guidance and training material